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Bespoke Timber Frames Ltd are producers of off-site, pre-manufactured timber panels used in the construction of houses, commercial buildings, extensions and timber frame buildings.

Generally, an architect develops the design for their client with the timber frame construction technique decided from the outset. We then take the architects design, along with a structural engineers’ calculations to produce manufacturing drawings and schedules for the production of the panels and the installation of the building on site.

In our production facility based in the heart of Suffolk between Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket, we will use a semi automatic saw system to ensure the consistency of sizes of are kept to our tight quality tolerances. Once the framework is cut up and set out, we then put the framework together on our bespoke made workbenches, with the aid of pneumatic nail guns. Upon completion we use our purpose made storage trolleys, to store your panels, ready for smooth onsite delivery and erection.

As part of our standard protocols we use selected grades of timber, the highest levels of sterling board, the best products available and techniques that go over and above those required by the recognised housing building associations and British Standards.

In house design

In house design

With our extensive design experience we offer a total inhouse design service. Our design department hosts the most initiative design software combined with the most up to date hardware technology. Working closely with our structural engineers we are able to deliver the clients exact expectations from design conception to the final product.

Custom made work benches

Custom made benches

To aid the accuracy and consistency of our manufacturing process we have designed and commissioned bespoke manufacturing tables to our exact requirements. This gives us comfort in the knowledge that the panels we produce are level and square.

The benches also incorporate mechanically lifting rollers to make removing the panels from the bench as ease. We think they look great too!

Digital saw system

Machinery / Equipment

The pride of our workshop is our Beck automated cross cut saw mated with the TigerStop digital saw system. Not only do they work hand in hand to produce consistently accurate components but also allows us to be more efficient and produce them quicker than before. Combined with the ability to load cutting lists from the design software into the saw, we are also able to be very efficient with material and greatly reducing waste material.

Storage system

Forklift and trolley storage system

Given the size and weight of panels, especially when they are pre-clad, they can be rather heavy and awkward to manoeuvre into storage prior to being sent to site.

To ease the storage process we have designed purpose build trolleys to hold up to 10 panels at a time which attached to our forklift for easy manoeuvring

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